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Musical Supervision Department

Bande Originale is a French musical supervisor specializing in cinema. Created by Martin Caraux in 2010, the company works mainly with young auteur cinema, the idea being to accompany the new generation of producers and directors and grow with them. Bande originale deals with all the issues related to music to the image, whether it’s finding composers and managing the executive production of the music, or taking care of artistic advice and the clearance of pre-existing title rights.

Coming from the film industry, Martin Caraux was Marketing & Festivals Director at Films Distribution (now Playtime) before creating Bande Originale.

The musical supervision is an independent department of the composer agency. In order to answer the frequent supervision and musical production requests for audio-visual producers, Marie Sabbah Agency directs them towards musical supervisors qualified for rights clearance as well as for original music production.

Our partnership with Varda Kakon leads her to work with composers outside the agency as well as our talents according to the needs of the films. She offers a complete musical supervision service ranging from rights clearance to the production of original music.