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Musical Supervision Department

Varda Kakon is a musical supervisor and executive music producer.

In 2019 she will be the musical consultant for the new Netflix series THE EDDY directed by Damien Chazelle, she will also supervise Jan Kounen’s new films MON COUSIN, James Huth’s MALAWAS, Ludovic Colbeau Justin’s LE LION, a new season of BARON NOIR TV series and 10% (Season 4).

She has also supervised many films in 2018 such as LA LUTTE DES CLASSES (Michel Leclerc), CONVOI EXCEPTIONNEL (Bertrand Blier), SAVAGE (Vincent Mariette), THE EMPEROR OF PARIS (Jean François Richet) or THE MAGIC TUCHE (Olivier Baroux), VENISE N’EST PAS EN ITALIE (Ivan Calberac), LES EBLOUIS (Sarah Suco), LOVE IS A PARTY (Cédric Anger)
Since 2005 she has supervised more than 100 films and series; in particular, PROMISE AT DAWN (Eric Barbier), DJANGO (Étienne Comar), ALIBI.COM (Philippe Lacheau), CHOCOLAT (Roschdy Zem), FLORIDA (Philippe Le Guay), ANTARCTICA : ICE & SKY (Luc Jacquet), LA FAMILLE BELIER (Éric Lartigau), BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Christophe Gans), WILD GRASS (Alain Resnais). As for TV series, she has supervised seasons 1 and 2 of CHEFS (Marion Festraets, Arnaud Malherbe), seasons 1 and 2 of BARON NOIR (Ziad Doueiri, Antoine Chevrollier), TREPALIUM (Antares Bassis, Sophie Hiet) or the three seasons of KABOUL KITCHEN (Allan Mauduit, Jean-Patrick Benes) and the three frist seasons of 10%.

After studying classical singing and a first prize at the Schola Cantorum, she became a recognized personality in the music industry, notably as a member of the jury for the first season of the show “La Nouvelle Star”. Through her company VK Productions, founded in 1991, then at Polydor / Universal and BMG, where she directed the art department and production, she discovered many talents and provided artistic direction and production of albums for many years. Artists: Lara Fabian, Manau, Julien Baer, Eddy Mitchell, Solaar, Maurane, Maxime Le Forestier, Supermen Lovers, Patrick Bruel, Laurent Voulzy, Balbino Medellin … She has been devoted for more than 15 years to the production of music for the cinema and television.

The musical supervision is an independent department of the composer agency. In order to answer the frequent supervision and musical production requests for audio-visual producers, Marie Sabbah Agency directs them towards musical supervisors qualified for rights clearance as well as for original music production.

Our partnership with Varda Kakon leads her to work with composers outside the agency as well as our talents according to the needs of the films. She offers a complete musical supervision service ranging from rights clearance to the production of original music.